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Welcome to my first Newsletter and thanks for subscribing.

This is a whole new experience - building a website that gets visitors, and writing a Monthly Newsletter.

Imagine my shock when I found that I actually had subscribers, and had to do my first newsletter. Wow!!!

I did try to do a Wordpress blog last year, but it is sitting somewhere in cyberspace.

So before I start giving you any Jamaican news, or telling you what's coming on, let me give credit where it's due.

Give Thanks to Ken Evoy and Sitesell for their Site Build It system that has allowed me to accomplish what to me is a gigantic feat.

I have been wanting to do this for several years, but never seemed to know how to do it until I found Site Build It (SBI).

Even then I found that I needed some help to get over the hump caused by uncertainty and indecision.

So I signed up for a 12 week SBI eLearning course which took me from October to December 2010, at the end of which I had a site with about 40 pages, and the foundation on which to build.

The first two weeks in January have been spent on making sure that these foundations were well built.

I have reviewed and edited most pages, and I have been adding some photos and videos.

Your contributions and support have been appreciated. Letting me know of spelling (or typing) errors, adding recipes, just subscribing to this Newsletter - Give Thanks.

Now Forward. - to fill in some of the gaps in my site, and make it into one of the top websites on Jamaica.

A website needs to be like a good book - once you start reading you can't put it down.

The difference is that whereas a book is one good long story, a website is a collection of many short stories (pages) - all of which hold need your attention.

Many websites seem to be just a collection of facts. Lists of where, why, how and what. Regurgitated facts - historical, cultural, political etc. - usually copied from Wikipedia, or other Websites.

But people don't read encyclopedias - they only refer to them when they need something.

So, although some background facts need to on my site, I will attempt with the help of you my visitors to get some excitment into by including more pages about personal experiences - yours if you wish to contribute, and mine.

Any constructive criticism, corrections, comments, suggestions, or contributions you wish to make will be appreciated.

Over the next couple of months I will be adding some information on hotels, real estate, and attractions around the island, parish by parish.

And more recipes as they seem to be attracting most Google searches at present.

The Future for Jamaica

The voices of doom in Jamaica and around the world make it appear as though Jamaica is about to sink into the ocean.

But in doing research for this website I have found a tremendous amount of positive development that is currently taking place, and has been taking place over the past few years.

It's about time we hear more of these positives about Jamaica.

So as we go along I will highlight all the positives I come across, and leave the negatives to others.

Hope you all enjoy my website.

Let's make this into OUR website - add your 2 cents worth as well.

Many thanks for signing up for this Newsletter.

Chris Aguilar

Chris Aguilar.

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Our Jamaican Coat of Arms
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a month after I turned 70.

It's never to late to start learning something new.

I could have chosen to build a website on any topic.

But I had found SBI a few months earlier, and following
SBI's advice and their Action Guide
I chose a topic I felt passionate about
Jamaica ... the island of my birth. is dedicated to my late and beautiful wife
Melody Ann.

In expressing her and my love for our island, maybe it will help to introduce our island to you.

So, whenever you visit, have some fun ... join in and share your knowledge or experiences of Jamaica with all my other visitors.

Thank you for visiting and supporting my efforts.

And thanks to the many people who have helped by contributing articles, pages and comments. Please keep your contributions coming.

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