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After a bit of a delay, here is my second Newsletter.

Falmouths New Cruise Terminal

In February Jamaica saw the arrival of one of Royal Carribbean's largest ships "Voyager of The Seas" at the new terminal in Falmouth, although the terminal had not yet been completed.

From all reports it was a highly succesful event enjoyed by all.

"Oasis of the Seas", the world's largest Cruise ship is scheduled to dock in there in the coming months.

Let's wish Falmouth every success in this venture.

Ian Flemming International Airport

Any Takers???

After all the hullabaloo about naming it after Ian Flemming, the ceremony was hardly over when the Government announced that they were trying to sell it.

Parlimentary Happenings

Jamaica's two Political Parties set an example to the world as to how to behave in Parliament!!!

You could be forgiven for thinking that it is a comedy show!!!

Legal Happenings

The Manatt/Dudus circus is still in town.

Jamaica-No-Problem News

Much of the site has been, and is still being, updated from it's early beginnings.

Several new recipes have been added, and more will follow.

An index has been added to the right hand column of the Golf and Recipe pages to make it easier to navigate.

If you missed it, an online interview with Barbara Reynolds was posted, highlighting her art.

I have known Barbara for very many years, but did not realize just how good her art was.

"Beware of the Local Jamaicans" highlighted the misfortunes of a young lady visiting Jamaica as a guest of a Jamaican co-worker. I invested a great deal of time and effort in trying to assist with her plight, because it could have had serious consequences.

And although I removed all names, seeing the story and comments still proved too embarrassing for the young lady.

A stark warning has been left in place of her story.

Thanks to anybody who commented, and sorry to have deleted your comments.

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Chris Aguilar

Chris Aguilar.

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