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by Marie

My question is -

"My husband who is a Jamaican received early retirement from his job as a fireman while he was living in Jamaica, but he is now living in England. Does he have to travel to Jamaica every year to sign his pension papers or is there any other way for the govrment to know that he is alive instead of travelling every year."

Thank you


I apologize for the delay, but have been on holiday with poor internet connections.

This question is answered on the Jamaican Ministry of Labour's website.

In answer to the question -

"If the pensioner goes abroad will he still receive his pension?"

This is what they say -

"Yes. Or the pensioner could name an agent (over 18 years of age) to collect the pension on his behalf while he is out of Jamaica.

Pensioners who reside abroad and who have not appointed a local agent to collect their pension are paid every six months by way of bank drafts in the currency of the country in which the pensioner resides. A life certificate accompanies each draft. It must be signed by the pensioner, notarized and returned."

I suggest that you contact them directly through their website by clicking this link for any further help, since they are the ones directly responsible for pensions.

Hope this hepls you.

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Nov 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

How much do a widow gets for civil servant pension.

This website can give you no information on the Jamaica Pension Scheme, other than what their website says.
So please click on this link and contact the Ministry of Labour directly re any questions about their pension scheme.

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