Jamaican Memories

A Bit of Nostalgia About The Jamaica That Was

What are YOUR Jamaican memories? Time to reminisce about a Jamaica that will never be again? What are your memories of the Jamaica that was?  A
re you a Jamaican, an ex-patriot who came here to work for a while, an occasional visitor to Jamaica, or one of those who came for a short visit, fell in love and never left.
Whover you are, why not indulge in a bit of nostalgia? Share YOUR  memories, or any of your experiences in Jamaica with our visitors.

A memory or two to start the ball rolling.

Our annual trip to Kingston from Whitehouse in Westmoreland was a 5-6 hour drive on a single lane gravel road. Even in those days nobody slowed down when passing, you just made a last minute swerve into the gutter and back out again.

Bamboo Avenue - same single lane gravel road. It was like entering a tunnel and you needed headlights to see. In widening and paving the road the bamboos were demolished and are now in danger of disappearing altogether. The Bamboo Avenue that we so proudly show off to tourists today is a shadow of what it used to be.

The Westmoreland Country Club - and it's delightful 9 hole golf course whose greens were surrounded by barbed wire to keep the cattle off. And the short 6th hole played across a cow pen. And the Sweet River flowing through the course.

Negril when Bloody Bay was deserted and Long Bay only had a few houses at the Southern end near to the river.

Downtown Kingston

  • The Myrtle Bank Hotel
  • Taking a Tramcar down King St
  • Shopping at Issas , Nathans and Times Store

Blue Mountain Inn - surely one of the best restaurants anywhere in its day.

A Delco or Lister Generator to generate your own electricity. Still a good idea to have one in case of power cuts.

When an evening out was a visit to Palisadoes Airport Waving Gallery, watching the planes come in, and maybe dining at Campbell's Restaurant.

Dunn River Falls when you were one of maybe ten people climbing and playing in the falls.

Your memories will be welcome ... please share them below.

Ned Blennerhassett shares some vivid memories of his days at DeCarteret Prep School (now DeCarteret College) in Mandeville, and then his days at Jamaica College in Kingston ... too many memories to fit in the submission form below. Brings back so many of my memories of Munro College at about the same time - in the early 50's.

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