A novel by
Bernadette Gabay Dyer

Abductors is an unusual story, where the world of UFOs meets with the world of fairies.
The main character is a young boy named Graeme Hulis who is unaware that his mother's death has been declared by the authorities to be due to rather mysterious circumstances involving a black bottomless pond on their property, and whose father decides to leave their life in England behind, and to emigrate to Canada.

Jamaican Author Bernadette Gabay Dyer has used her own art for the design of the book's cover.

On their first night in Canada, Graeme and his father are staying in a rooming house, and Graeme found that he could not fall asleep, and he sees a strange apparition in the bedroom. He is too scared to talk about it, and it is not until months later that he has the courage to discuss the occurrence with his father.

His father becomes agitated, and almost secretive as he quietens his son, and begins to communicate with him by writing rapidly on sheets of paper. Graeme then learns about the abductors, who are behind everything that has been happening in their lives.

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