Tammy Browne's
Montego Bay Animal Haven

The Montego Bay Animal Haven was born because of Tammy Browne's love of animals. The stray dogs of Jamaica, or Montego Bay at any rate, will be eternally grateful for this remarkable lady, who has selflessly taken it upon herself to care for some of Jamaica's stray animals.

This is the story of Tammy, her Animal Haven and some of her animal family.

Apple Bee with Tammy Browne at the Montego Bay Animal Haven

This is Apple Bee with me at our Montego Bay Animal Haven, but it all really started with Daisy May.

I had decided to leave the U.K and come back to Jamaica, where I grew up. I was offered a brilliant job with Chukka Blue looking after the horse back tours.

Part of this involved going out to look for suitable trail riding horses.

It was on such a trip that I stumbled upon this little black puppy that had an awful deep slash across her throat. I could not leave her.

My sister was staying with me at the time so she ended up with some company while I was at work!

Needless to say Daisy May became my co-pilot when my sister left! She went everywhere with me. I swear she could have driven the car herself, probably better than me!

Daisy May taught me so much, about companionship and loyalty, but most of all she became my best friend. Sadly she is no longer with us.

It was a very obvious problem here in Jamaica, all the stray animals, heartbreaking to see, and with no one to help them on this side of the island.

The JSPCA were in Kingston, The Animal House in Ochi, but nothing down here.

Dear Old Dr Bryan would help me whenever I brought in the latest road traffic accident or malnourished animal, but it was very difficult, limited funds etc.

After being here a while I got to know some pretty decent peeps, most as batty as myself about animals, so in 2009 we decided to open a non profit animal shelter!

Sounds easy. Yeah right!! Anyway, long story short, here we are 4 years later, a whole heap of animals later (some 250 dogs, cats, horses and even goats), and we would like to share with you some of these amazing rescue animals, tough job as they are all pretty amazing, but here goes, we hope you enjoy!

Stories of our Strays

Fay's Story - starving alone and lost 

Jess was found beaten and tied up ... this video is Jess's story

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