My SBI Story

My SBI Story tells you how I have turned one of my passions ... my love of Jamaica ... into an income earning hobby, by just telling you, and everyone, everything I know and love about "My Island In The Sun". In sharing this with you I hope that  it may stimulate YOU to think of channeling  your passion and talents into a money making hobby or business.

What is SBI (Site Build It)?

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Why Did I Choose SBI?

I had been trying to build a website/blog for two to three years without much success. Then purely by chance I stumbled across Sitesell and SBI. But by this time, although seeing the quality of their product, I was very wary of ALL marketing hype. So I spent months reading and studying some of the many excellent and free eBooks Sitesell were offering.

I watched their "Action Guide" videos several times ... Sitesell allowed me try out many parts of their system ... but obviously I could not start using the SBI system to build a website until I signed up.

Sitesell gave me their knowledge freely. I could have said "OK I now know enough to do this on my own". But even to my simple mind it was clear that it would cost me FAR more to acquire all the tools and resources that I needed than it would cost me to purchase an SBI subscription. Thankfully I took the plunge, signed up and here we are.

Sitesell has provided the SBI system with all the neccessary tools and there is little doubt in my mind that without SBI I would not have been able to build

Thank you Sitesell ... thank you Dr Ken Evoy ... and thank you to the thousands of successful SBI enthusiasts who provide fantastic support through the many SBI Forums.

Is My SBI Story All Roses and Honeysuckle?

No far from it, but not because of SBI. It is by far the best and simplest system I have found. But, there are many times I have felt overwhelmed and frustrated, because yes at first it does seem like there is a lot to learn.

The Action guide is a wealth of information ... EVERYTHING you need to know is laid out clearly and there are videos on every step in the process. So you just have to concentrate on taking one small step at a time. It does not matter whether you get to your destination in a few months or a few years, or even a decade. You will get there if you just keep taking those little steps every day.

Would YOU Like To Turn Your Passion or Hobby Into A Money Earner?

If YOU have a passion and want to share it with the world, you can do so, and in doing so you can turn that passion into a money making hobby or business.

SBI has far more features built in than other much more expensive options, and in fact it is one of the cheapest and most economical systems available. EVerything that you need is included in the one package.

However, if you are one of those readers desperately looking for a QUICK way to make money ... STOP ... SBI is not for you ... it's not a racing model ... it's top speed is limited by the most basic law of normal business ... that is ... it takes time to build any REAL business.

If you believe any of the get rich quick garbage you find on the Internet "Don't Click This Link" ... click the back button instead. I know, because I have tried a couple of these schemes. And yep you probably guessed it, I helped some other guy to get rich quick. Find enough suckers to give you a couple hundred ... or even better a couple thousand ... dollars or pounds, and you probably will get rich quick ... but that is not a business, that's a scam, and it does not last.

So That's My SBI Story

Again I give my thanks  to Sitesell ... and Ken Evoy ... and now, if it is to be it is up to me. And you can see from this website what I have been able to do already.

Now, if YOU want it to be, YOU can Ask Sitesell any questions that you want either by toll free phone or email ... there is no obligation, and there is no hard sell ... so it is up to you. Or you can find out what  other SBIers have to say. SBIers are a bunch of pretty happy and helpful guys and gals.

How Can You Be Sure Solo Build It Will Work For You?

Just try  it ... it comes with a money back guarantee.

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