Jamaican Websites

Need More Information on Jamaica and Can't Find It?

Below are some of the best Jamaican Websites that I have found out of the many hundreds that are out there. The sites below are useful and interesting and provide a tremendous amount of information about our fascinating island. And if you can't find what you are looking for on Jamaica-No-Problem then these sites may be able to help you.

Official Jamaican Websites

The Jamaica Information Service is the official Jamaican Government website through which you can contact, or find contact details for, all Government Departments. You should be able to find almost any information you need on anything to do with the Government.

Visit Jamaica

is the official Jamaica Tourist Board website, covering everything to do with your vacation in Jamaica ... tours, places to visit, places to stay, and information you should be aware of when visiting Jamaica.

Other Jamaican Websites


Wellesley is a Jamaican who is also from my home parish of Westmoreland. His website does a great job of providing a lot of valuable information for visitors to Jamaica, such as his tip "how to send free text messages to mobile phones in Jamaica".

Jamaica travel and Culture

Jamaica Travel and Culture
A great  website on Jamaica ... a wealth of easy to find information on everything Jamaican ... books ... music ... culture ... places to visit ... where to stay ... where to eat ... some of the best Jamaican recipes I have seen ... and more.


A very comprehensive and an excellent directory of  websites on everything to do with Jamaica.
If you are looking for websites on a particular topic check Top5Jamaica.

Jamaicans .com

A very comprehensive  website with lots of good information on everything about Jamaica. This site brings Jamaica and the Jamaican culture to life.

Destinations Outside of Jamaica

If you would like to see my five favourite travel destinations outside of Jamaica then have at look at some of the best travel sites I have found, bringing these destinations to life, through the personal and intimate knowledge of the webmasters of these sites.
If you are looking for somewhere new to go have a look at them.