Poems by Charles Levy
Land I Love

This book of poems by Charles Levy has expressed Charles' love of all things Jamaican. Many of his poems are in Jamaican patois as a tribute to the immortal, well-beloved Miss Lou (Louise Bennett-Coverley) whose works he has always loved and admired.

Others are written in what he hopes is the Queen's English, reflecting on aspects of his life growing up in Jamaica ... his schooling, his religious beliefs, and his love of scouting, the sea and sailing, and hiking in the Blue Mountains.

More about Charles - His Life So Far

 Charles Levy says "Although I am proud to be a Canadian citizen, I can never sing with conviction that line in the national anthem that calls Canada “native land” - that honour I enjoy by thankfully having been born in Jamaica (land I love). I really do love this land and its people, and I am so proud and glad to have been born Jamaican."

Many thanks to Charles for kindly letting us publish some of his poems here on Jamaica-No-Problem.

These poems are the sole property and copyright of Charles Levy and may not be published or copied and used without his permission. However, anyone should feel free to perform them or quote them providing attribution is given

His book of poems "Jamaica, Land I Love" can be obtained from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.ca.

Some Poems by Charles Levy

These are some of our favourite of Charles poems, and these and many more will be featured below.

  • Independence 50 - a look, in August 2012, back at 50 years since Jamaica gained her Independence from British rule
  • Gi' Me Back Me Shilling Wid De Lion 'Pon It - a bit of nostalgia for the "good ole days" before Independence and decimalization when the Jamaican pound was worth MORE THAN the British pound
  • Six Love - surely you are not Jamaican if you haven't played dominoes in a rum bar somewhere
  • Talawah - Jamaicans are the best wherever they are and at whatever they do
  • Chris'mas a Jamaica - a winning entry for a competition offering a trip to Jamaica
  • Food a Yard - which Jamaican abroad does not yearn for all the foods he/she grew up with
  • Roadside Vendor - which Jamaican does not like haggling at their favourite roadside stops for in season fruit,  produce and foods
  • Hurricane a Come - an inevitable part of Jamaican life, batteneing down the windows and checking the roof of our houses before, during the lull, and after the hurricane
  • Blue Mountain Inn - reminiscing about what once was one of, if not the best, restaurants in Jamaica


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Food a Yard Not rated yet
Dis lang time me a farrin, Me have fi tell you dis - Of all de tings deh back a yard De food is wha' me miss! Gimme me sweet potato, Yampie …

Chris'mas a Jamaica Not rated yet
"Wha' happen den, Mas Charlie?" "Ah, chile, is dream me a dream, 'Bout Chris'mas in Jamaica - So lang ago it seem. "Yuh know we las' spen' Chris'mas …

Talawah Not rated yet
A two face dat Jamaica have, So Bredda, nevah fret - Whenever dem bad mout' de Rock, Just mek dem no faget. Is true dat Kingston well full up, …

Six Love Not rated yet
C'mon now den, Cuffy, Give de cyard a mix. This a fi me seven stick ... A who have double six? Ihi, me coulda tell you Cuffy woulda get de cyard: …

Gi' Me Back Me Shilling Wid De Lion 'Pon It Not rated yet
But blouse an' skirt! Wha' dat you a seh? You wan' fi hear me hollar? One little tin a coffee really cos' T'ree hundred dollar? Miss Mattie, you remember …

Independnce 50! Not rated yet
Back in Augus' 'sixty-two, Everyting was cool! At las' we en' tree 'undred years Under calonial rule. We get we own Prime Minister, An' also get de …

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