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Jamaica is fascinating, beautiful, intriguing and just waiting for YOU to explore her, discover her, fall in love with her, and have a bit of fun and adventure whilst doing so. Unfortunately if you are like most visitors, YOU will probably never get to see and discover anything about her, except what you find within the confines of your hotel.

But she offers a lot more than her hotels and their beaches, and our aim is to show YOU that YOU can safely come visit, explore, discover and experience her white sandy beaches, fantastic music, rich history, unique culture and heritage, spectacular championship golf courses, lots of indigenous fauna and flora, very special cuisine, wide variety of natural attractions, and her very friendly, helpful and laid-back people.

Whether you want to climb or cycle in her Blue Mountains, raft her rivers, go caving, birdwatching, deep sea fishing, swimming with the dolphins, or whatever ... she will be your dream tropical holiday destination.

She is the best of the Caribbean Islands ... and yes, I am prejudiced, because "me born ya", and dis is ...

My Island In The Sun

 The great Harry Belafonte, one of the most talented artists of all times, was born in Brooklyn, but his mother was from St Ann, his father from St Elizabeth. He spent his early childhood in Abukkah, in the hills of South St Ann, before moving to Kingston, where he lived until he moved back to the US.

Enjoy these three great men - Harry Belafonte, Andrew Young, and Hugh Masekela - reminiscing about our island in this short video.

Jamaica-No-Problem ...

 ... has grown out of my desire to share some of what I have experienced traveling all over our island, so that you can appreciate the beauty of our island and her very special people, and then want to explore for yourself:

  • Our communities, villages, and small towns that I grew up and worked in for most of my working life
  • Our many natural attractions throughout the island
  • Our great beaches all around the island
  • Our many golf courses, most of championship standard, with spectacular scenery
  • Our numerous activities, things to do and places to see
  • Our foods, cuisine, and recipes
  • Our world renowned music
  • Our unique culture
  • Our rich history
  • Our real estate
  • Our local hotels, guest houses and other places to stay

Jamaica ... The Home of Community Tourism

Community Tourism offers visitors to our island the opportunity to explore and experience the history and the natural beauty of our small towns, villages and communities, in a manner that is safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Countrystyle Community Tours and Sun Venture Tours are two organizations offering visitors a community experience, and a real taste of our island.

Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN) runs the Villages as Businesses program, which introduces tourism to selected villages and communities around the island such as Beeston Spring Village a few miles from Sandals Whitehouse in Westmoreland. They train villages in tourism etiquette (how to welcome and entertain visitors) ... and help to set communities up as natural tourist destinations.

All Inclusive Resorts and Our Communities

Our all-inclusive resorts were born when Abe Issa converted his then world renowned Tower Isle Hotel into the first Couples All Inclusive Resort near Ocho Rios in 1978. Abe's son Lee, and family, now operate 4 all-inclusive resorts on the island.

Businessman, Gordon "Butch" Stewart, started his chain of Sandals All Inclusive Resorts shortly after, and today has 20 resorts, including several in other islands.

Both these organizations, and others such as the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, and New York tycoon James Goren, are active in helping and supporting communities in Jamaica through their organizations.

Community Tourism and All-Inclusive Resorts are both very Jamaican in origin, and although they may appear to be at opposite ends of the scale both work closely together for the betterment of Jamaica and her people.

Butch (in black), with Diana McIntyre-Pike of Countrystyle Community Tourism, finds the time to visit Resource Village in Manchester, the home of the annual Marcus Garvey Fair held every February.

Sandals Boss visiting Resource Village in Manchester

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And if you have any valuable and interesting information or stories about our island that you wish to share with our other visitors please do so ... you will see many invitations to do so throughout the site.

Jamaicans, this is your home ... join in and help us to tell our prospective visitors why we think our island is the "BEST", and make them feel welcome. And share your memories of a Jamaica that was.

Or are you a visitor who has fallen in love with our island?

Whoever you are, you can use our site to explore and discover our island ... our people ... our attractions ... our beaches ... our golf courses ... and you can join in the fun and share YOUR personal experiences, or if you fancy your cooking share your recipes.

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