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Communty Experiences in Jamaica and the Caribbean

COCAVAT Community Tours offers you many different opportunities to explore our island communities in Jamaica and the Caribbean, meet with our people, enjoy our music and our local foods, and explore and enjoy our culture and our history.
COCAVAT specializes in customizing community tours and vacation packages to meet your specific requirements and budget.

  • Customized and themed Community Experience Vacations
  • Homestays for those seeking a longer community experience, which can be arranged according to visitor's interests and budget

Individual community tours or vacation packages, can be arranged starting from anywhere in Jamaica, so you can book individual tours even if you are staying in in one of the large hotels, or if you wish Countrystyle can arrange your entire vacation according to your budget, based on your choice of tours, attractions, accommodation, transportation, and other requirements, and including visits to communities, beaches, or other attractions not listed here.
Accommodation, including breakfast, lunches and refreshments can be arranged in most communities.

You can book any of the COCAVAT Community Tours listed below here, and you can download or view the Countrystyle Community Experience brochure here.

Featured Community Experience Tours

These community tours have been specially designed for those who want to experience and get an authentic taste of Jamaica's community lifestyle while on vacation.

Jamaican Roots Experience
A Village community experience tour. - spend a day in one of our rural villages in central Jamaica and experience the roots of our Jamaican heritage. You are treated to a community welcome in a private home where you will be entertained by both the young and old from the community while sampling local food.

Two of our popular villages are Old England in Manchester where you will be hosted by a Rastafarian family, and Beeston Spring in Westmoreland near Sandals Whitehouse. Spend the day with the community.

Walk around with the citizens and be led by hands of friendship while discovering the roots of rural Jamaica, old churches and more. Hear the stories of Jamaica from the older citizens and enjoy genuine rural hospitality.

Jamaica Taste Experience
Village hopping for country cuisine experiences in central and south coast Jamaica. Learn to cook Jamaican cuisine in a natural setting with the community and then eat with the community and enjoy the special flavours. Try preparing Jamaica’s national dish ackee and salt fish with spicy callaloo, dumplings, bammy and fried plantain in Mandeville, Manchester.

Enjoy Rastafarian cuisine in Old England with Angel, Honey and family.
Sample some of Jamaica’s fruits in season at Porus village - naseberries, ortaniques, starapples, tangerines and so much more. Taste plantain tarts, coconut gizzadas from the community shops.
And hot peppered shrimps and fried fish and bammy in Middle Quarters village in St. Elizabeth with Billy Kerr and his family.

Jamaican Nature Experience
Enjoy nature at its best in the many rural villages in the central and south areas of Jamaica. In one day you can visit many villages and discover the inner beauty of Jamaica. South Manchester villages where you can discover many of Jamaica’s fruit trees and farm products then take a country walk together with nature and with the community you will feel adventurous here you will see where the mountains meet the sea with rivers alongside the sea refreshing and spectacular.

Then travel towards Treasure Beach in St Elizabeth for lunch and discover natural rustic beaches and wonderful farm and fishing country life. The tour ends at Lovers Leap in Southfield St Elizabeth on the edge of a cliff 700’ above sea level with the most spectacular view of the south coast of Jamaica, sunshine and a refreshing breeze.

Beeston Spring Village Tour
Enjoy a community tour with the citizens of Beeston Spring - you will be welcomed at Rena Lawrence’s bar with local refreshments, tour the 142 year old Moravian Church, visit the Bee farm and lunch with the community at the Brown family home. The Mighty Beestons Mento Band will entertain you, and you can learn how to do Mento dancing.

Marvellous Mandeville Community Tour
Mandeville, 2,000 feet above sea level in the cool hills of Manchester, is the home of Countrystyle Community Tourism.The Mandeville Community Tour begins at 10.00 a.m., finishes at 4.00 p.m., and includes ...

  • Community welcome and get together with refreshments at a private home with a family
  • tour of Mandeville including shopping
  • Coffee Factory (Mon-Friday only)
  • a private home garden
  • historical points of interest
  • and a village experience near Mandeville where you can enjoy tasty rural country fruits
  • And lunch with community entertainment

South Coast Adventure Tour
Experience an all day tour to the heritage town of Black River for an adventurous tour up the Black River (optional) or discover the heritage of Black River and visit to YS Falls.
Then a picnic lunch from Billy’s Reststop at Middle Quarters and on to Treasure Beach where you will be welcomed by the community at Jack Sprat Beach Restaurant.

South Manchester Rastafarian Community Experience
This Countrystyle Rastafarian Community tour offers an exciting blend of heritage, health and eco-tourism, highlighting Jamaica’s unique Rastafarian culture in Lancaster village, South Manchester, where you will meet a family of Rastafarians, three generations old, who are descendants of Nanny of the Maroons, Jamaica’s only National Heroine.
This 3 hour community tour with Angel Tours includes

  • An educational get together with a group of Rastafarians from central and south Jamaica
  • Presentation with handouts on the Rastafarian culture, spirituality, and way of life
  • An interactive cooking demonstration to learn about Rastafarian cuisine

Your Rastafarian Community Hostess is Angel Mitsy White-Banhan. Angel is a Justice of the Peace in Westmoreland, and a Tourism Product Development Company Certified Tour Guide.

Hopewell Hanover Community Experience
Discover the inner beauty and heritage of Hopewell Village, home of the famous Round Hill Hotel, in the parish of Hanover. You will be treated to a personalized tour including

  • Community welcome in a private homestay with refreshments
  • Tour of a community botanical garden and a private home garden
  • Visit to the historical Methodist Church in the centre of Hopewell
  • Lunch at the Sky Beach Bar and Seafood Grill by the sea where you will enjoy Jamaican country cuisine while being entertained by members of the community

Axe-And-Adze Hanover Community Experience
Discover the beauty of interior Hanover in a farming community called Axe-and-Adze, located one hour south of Hopewell Village. You will experience rural farm life and lifestyle, hosted by Pastor Shippey and the Axe-and-Adze Citizens’ Association with local refreshments and lunch.

Montego Bay Community Experience
Enjoy a personalized community tour with Community host Sonia Kong-Quee and her family and friends. Visit the famous Western Hospitality Institute to meet management, staff and students for a welcome drink and refreshments, and tour of the facilities. Discover family heritage at the homes of Sonia’s mother and friends in Pitfour.
Enjoy homemade snacks and visit a school, a church and a local bar, and have lunch with the community at a jerk centre.
If you prefer, an evening community experience tour and dinner can be organized.

Other Community Tours and Attractions

In addition to the above featured community tours, you can select from the following wide range of communities and attractions to visit. These are listed in alphabetical order.

Alligator Hole
The home of three endangered Caribbean manatees, is open 7 days a week in daylight hours. Alligator Hole is located in the mangrove wetlands near Milk River, on the narrow, very scenic country road to Alligator pond. This narrow road has been destined to become a section of the proposed, "Soon Come Mon" South Coast Highway for decades.
There is an information centre set up by the National Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA).
An optional canoe ride down the river (with guide) allows you to see the manatees and other wildlife.

Apple Valley Park
Apple Valley Park is located in the Maggoty Valley, near to the Appleton Estate. It is a privately owned facility with pedal boating, kayaking, swimming, and picnic areas, and is open every day except Christmas day and Good Friday.Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and booking is necessary.
Several varieties of tropical fruits - Otaheite apple, Star apple, Rose apple, Pineapple - with the word "apple" in the name, can be found on the propery, hence its name.

Appleton Rum Tour
The Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth, where the world famous Appleton Rum is manufactured and bottled, dates as far back as 1655, and the first known production of rum dates back to 1749.
You will get a welcome drink, and after your tour of the distillery, you can sample the full range of Appleton rums and purchase any of their rums to take home.
Lunch is available if you want.

Bath to River Top Community Adventure Hike
Any day day except Saturdays - beginning with a welcome at Belmont fishing Beach, followed by a scenic drive up Cave Mountain to Bath at 2,300 ft, then hike down hill from Bath.
Enjoy panoramic views, birds, plants, butterflies, observe local hill farming techniques, visit a 19th century family owned sugar mill and see woodland cottages en route.
Cool off at Bluefields river or beach, and enjoy a Jamaican lunch at a seaside restaurant

Belvedere Community Nature & Heritage Woodlands Walk
Begin with a community tour welcome at Belmont fishing beach in Westmoreland, and an introduction to the local area. It can be booked for any day (3.00 - 5.30 p.m.) except Saturdays.You will see some of Jamaica's exquisite endemic birds, butterflies and plants on the forested lower slopes of the Bluefields mountains.
The views are magical, and the coastline spectacular.
Learn about herbal remedies, listen to folklore, and visit the isolated mountain village of Belvedere to get a glimpse of the past.
Delve into colourful local history, from the times of the Taino Indians through to Independence. Follow the footsteps of famous naturalist Phillip Henry Gosse who visited from 1844 to 1846.

Bishop's Gibson High School for Girls and DeCarteret College for Boys
Two of Mandeville's early and historic buildings - originally the Newleigh Hotel & King Edward Hotel, these schools can be visited by prior arrangement.Meet teachers & students and learn about Jamaica's educational system.

Black River Safari
Cruise up the Black River through mangrove swamps into the Black River Lower Morass, Jamaica's largest wetland area, where you will see many Royal Palms, Thatch Palms, and usually a crocodile. There are over 100 species of birdlife in the Lower Morass.
Tours last 1 1/2 hours, and start at 9:00, 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 and 4:00.

Bloomfield Great House in Mandeville
This lovely old colonial building perched on top of a hill, is now the home of an international restaurant and art gallery. The views of Mandeville are fantastic from what was one of Mandeville's old hotels.

Bluefields Bay Marine Tour in Westmoreland
Begin with a community tour welcome at Belmont Fishing Beach in Westmoreland, followed by a tour of the Mangrove Ecology Garden, and an introduction to the fishing beach, fish pots and fish pot making.
A guided tour from Bluefields Bay to Moor reef and Paradise wetlands with local fishermen follows. You will be introduced to the local history of Bluefields - the Taino Indians, the Spanish occupation, English Forts, Henry Morgan the pirate, Captain Bligh (Mutiny on the Bounty), and you will enjoy a traditional Jamaican lunch at a sea-side restaurant, with spectacular views of the mountains and coastline.
This community tour lasts from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Blue Mountain Flora & Faunal Hike
Bring your camera to capture the breathtaking views on this one-day (5 hour) hike through the Blue Mountains. Fresh fruit juices are provided, and an optional sandwich lunch. Transportation is provided at the end of the hike back to a central location.

Cecil Charlton Mansion in Mandeville
This 45 minute tour of the home philanthropist Cecil Charlton (retired politicain, farmer, betting shop magnate, self made millionaire, and past Mayor of Mandeville for over 20 years) must be booked in advance. Huntingdon Summit, an octagonal mansion is considered to be one of the most interesting homes in Mandeville.

El Instituto de Mandevilla
The late Audrey V. Salmon created an evening language institute in 1978, offering help to students struggling with the Spanish language in the public school system.
Then in 1983 she started what is now an outstanding prep school with just 13 students. Today there are over 450 students.
Mix with students, learn about Jamaica's educational system, see how the school caters to the mental, spiritual, physical and social needs of its students, and find out why it is such an exceptional school.

High Mountain Coffee Factory in Williamsfield
During this 1 hour tour you will see fine Jamaican coffee being processed and packaged. You can sample it, and buy coffee directly from the processor.

Kingston our Capital City
Our Kingston highlights community tour is an all day tour starting with a 7.00 a.m. departure from your hotel. You get a chance to discover the diversity of Kingston our capital city, and will visit Kingston's residential areas, Devon House, the Bob Marley Museum, the University of Technology's Sculptor Park, and then have lunch at the famous Lilian's Restaurant.
A visit to the historic town of Port Royal follows.

Little Ochi in Alligator Pond
The south coast's best seafood restaurant, open 7 days a week. Pick your fish and have it cooked to order - Steam Fish and Bammy, Garlic Lobster, Fish Tea, Stuffed Crab, and more.

Lover's Leap in St Elizabeth
A breathtaking 1600 foot cliff overhanging the sea, where it is said that two slave lovers jumped to their death rather than be separated.

Mandeville Market
One of Jamaica's colorful markets. You can purchase the finest fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes and more.

Mavis Bank in the Blue Mountains
A vibrant coffe growing community in the Blue Mountains. Enjoy a very scenic 45 minute drive along a winding road from Kingston up through Gordon Town into the foothills of the Blue Mountains. An all day tour, including a community welcome at Forrest Park Guest house, a visit to Mavis Bank coffee Factory, a visit to Mr. Graham's pig farm, a visit to Tropical Foliage Horticultural Farm, a visit to a poultry farm, and lunch.

Milk River Baths
Known as the third best mineral baths in the world, this invigorating spa treatment is sure to treat your ailments. Enjoy the scenery and catch a glimpse at one of the crocodiles on the Milk River.

Mrs. Stephenson's Garden in Mandeville
Let Mrs. Stephenson show you around her garden, and see her exquisite collection of orchids. She is a renowned Horticulturalist, who consistently captures first prizes at the Annual Horticultural Show.

Mt. Charles Birding and Nature Walk
Begin with a community tour welcome at Belmont Beach in Westmoreland, and an introduction to Jamaican flora and fauna in the local area. You will see endemic birds, plants and wildlife on the foothills and forests of Bluefields Mountain, and you will enjoy some fantastic views, so don't forget your camera.
You will be able to enjoy a relaxed mountain walk towards Mount Charles, with local ornithologist guides, following in the footsteps of famous naturalist Phillip Henry Gosse who visited from 1844 to 1846.
Then cool off with a swim at Bluefields Beach or in the river after the walk, and finish with a traditional Jamaican lunch at a sea-side restaurant.

Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville
Jamaica's third University, formerly the West Indies College, is 80 years old and offers education to over 38 nationalities.

Pickapepper Sauce Factory
Tour the factory near Williamsfield in Manchester that makes the world famous Pickapepper Sauce, and take home a bottle of the famous sauce. The factory is owned and operated by the Lyn Kee Chow family, and is open Monday to Friday only.

St. Mark's Anglican Church in Manchester
This church is over 189 years old and full of history. Visit some of the oldest graves in Manchester, and if you wish to attend church on Sunday morning, this can be arranged.

Y.S. Falls in St Elizabeth
The South Coast's largest and most spectacular falls is open daily. This award winning eco-friendly attraction is located on one of Jamaica's premier Stud and Cattle properties.
With seven falls and seven pools, wading, swimming and relaxing is all part of the fun.

Y.S. Falls/Black River Safari Combo
This tour takes in both sites, complete with a Jamaican lunch and roundtrip transportation from Black River to Y.S. Falls.

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and you can view and download the Countrystyle brochure here.

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