Waltzes I Have Not Forgotten

by Bernadette Gabay Dyer

"Waltzes I Have Not Forgotten" by Bernadette Gabay Dyer is a novel that will live forever in your memory, and you will want to read it again and again.

The book's cover has been designed using Bernadette's own artwork.

"Waltzes I Have Not Forgotten" is set in Jamaica, England, China and mainland Europe.

Just before the Second World War Margaret Moneague, a young black girl comes to Kingston from rural Jamaica to try to find work.

Desperate to survive, she tries everything to get work.

She gets raped by a sailor, and becomes pregnant.

She finds that food is being handed out to the poor by one of the City's Catholic Churches.

When she gives birth, it is in a Chinese grocery store.

Her son has white skin, and she names him John.

Fortunately, both mother and child are taken under the wing of the old Hakka speaking shopkeeper Madam Hung Chin.

A few years later, an unexpectedly motherless John finds himself in the sole care of Madam Hung Chin.

She sends him to a Chinese school where he is educated by Hakka speaking teachers.

One day the school is visited by an Irish American storyteller, a Miss Fiona Shaw, who takes a liking to John.

They become close friends and John moves in with her.

But when she suddenly has to leave the island, she leaves John in the care of an English doctor and his wife, promising that she would return soon.

The couple are Jews.

There are rumblings and rumors of war in Europe.

And the couple, acutely aware of the impending danger that will befall their fellow Jews in Europe, feel that they must help.

They set of for London with John in tow, and ...

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