Diana McIntyre-Pike

Founder of Countyrstyle Community Tourism

Diana McIntyre-Pike of Countrystyle Tourism

Who is Diana McIntyre-Pike? Perhaps the smile on her face tells you more about her than the long list of her achievements. She has been described as a passionate and loving person, sometimes misunderstood due to her burning desire to help others, and improve the fortunes of Jamaica and the Jamaican people.
She believes that things happen for a reason ... whether good or bad ... and that we should learn and move on stronger with God's guidance.

She formed the first chapter of the "International Institute of Peace Through Tourism" outside of the USA.

She is now a full time Community Tourism Consultant/Trainer and, together with a team of other local and international Consultants, is implementing the VILLAGES AS BUSINESSES program in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Diana is the President of the "Countrystyle Community Tourism Network" responsible for the training and development of community tourism throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.

If you would like more information on anything to do with Countrystyle Community Experience Vacations, or if you would like to support Diana's work in promoting Countrystyle Tourism in Jamaica and the Caribbean, you may contact Diana by clicking here.

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