First Memories
Kingston, Rum and Cricket

by Trevor

My first memories of Jamaica were Kingston Harbour, Port Royal, Myrtle Bank Hotel, seafood (the best), beautiful people, Melrose Hotel, the Daily Gleaner, Pallisados Airport.

And after that lots of flights to and from Belize on the Vickers Viscount twice weekly service.

And some time after that being taught cricket by (John ?) Headley, a left hand bat from Kingston (Melrose Cricket club) who had many cricket yarns about Sabina Park.

And who taught me to play off my back foot and spin a mean googley.

And that Yes, rum and good cricket do go together!!!

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Kingston, Rum and Cricket

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Kingston, Rum and cricket
by: Trevor

You are right Chris, it was the great George Headley. I had a look at my old diary.

He had a formidable drive off the back foot and I remember him saying he played for the West Indies.

He wore a red cricketing cap. Very quick to scold when you played a cross bat. I think he was also a slow off spin bowler but not sure.

An abiding memory of him was his unblinking fix on the ball from delivery to bat, which you rarely see in club cricket.

He was well loved in Belize where he coached the schools. I think he was sponsored by the Pickwick Club.

by: Chris

I know of three cricketer's named Headley, but there may well have been more.

The one and only George Headley. One of the most gifted and greatest batsmen of all time.

The "Black Bradman", and a very humble man.

He did work as a coach in Kingston during the late 50's and up to 1962.

George's son Ron Headley, who played for Worcestershire in the UK, and also in two tests for the West Indies. He was also a coach.

And Ron's son Dean who played in several Tests for England and is now coaching in England.

Yah man, in Jamaica Rum goes with everything.

Beautiful People - definitely.

The Myrtle Bank - all memories.

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