Food a Yard

by Charles Levy
(Near Ottawa, Canada)

Dis lang time me a farrin,
Me have fi tell you dis -
Of all de tings deh back a yard
De food is wha' me miss!

Gimme me sweet potato,
Yampie an' cornpone;
Gimme a plate a jerk pork
Or a hot jerk chicken bone.

'Member dip an' fall back?
'Member stamp an' go?
Nuttin' me tas'e a Canada
Can sweet me belly so!

Bammi an' roas' breadfruit
Two bullah an' pear,
Fix up wid bes' buttah,
Wash down wid Red Stripe beer.

Fresh swimp a Middle Quarters
Escoveech kingfish!
Plantain tart an' patty -
Dat is what me wish.

Of course, sal' fish an' ackee,
Dumplin' an' duckanoo -
No matta what else gawn to hell,
De food deh sweet fi true!

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