Independnce 50!

by Charles Levy
(Near Ottawa, Canada)

Back in Augus' 'sixty-two,
Everyting was cool!
At las' we en' tree 'undred years
Under calonial rule.

We get we own Prime Minister,
An' also get de right
To manage all we own affair -
De way ahead look bright.

We get a bran' new anthem -
“Jamaica, land we love” -
An' all de tings for so lang now
We had been dreaming of.

On Augus' six de Stadium
Pack up full inside;
Every heart was fit fi bus'
Wi' happiness an' pride.

An' then at twelve a'clack midnight,
De Union Jack come down,
An' proudly - fi de very fus' time -
Jamaica's flag was flown.

One sweet lan' breeze did blow de night
Come down Lang Mountain side,
An' bwoy! You shoulda see de way
De flag deh flap wi' pride!

Dat was a night me cyan faget
No care how lang me live.
But now we all had work fi do
An' lyalty fi give.

Fifty year done pass since den,
So mek we look an' see
If tings did work out like we plan
Since Hinglan' set we free.

Some tings go wrang alang de way
You ha' fi seh is true,
But everybady mus' admit,
Some good tings happen too.

So mek we pull together now
An' see wha' we can do,
Fi mek we country twice as great
By twenty sixty two!

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