Jamaica Real Estate Advice

by Rory Marsh
Meldam Realtors, Ocho Rios

Jamaica Real Estate is currently, in 2011, a sound investment. Values have not fallen as they have in several other parts of the world. Properties in Jamaica are actually selling at up to 10 percent higher than their market value.

Sellers always want more than the value for the property.

Buyers always want a good deal ... lower than the market value

But get a valuation done before you make any decisions.

And if the seller is aking a price that is higher than the actual market value be sure to do comparisons.

This is where the Realtors Association of Jamaica's (RAJ) Multiple Listing Service (MLS) comes in.

All registered realtors have access to this service, so ...

Always ask your realtor if they are registered with the RAJ and if they have access to the MLS system.

Through the MLS they can find what similar properties in Jamaica are being, or were sold at, and how many days it took to sell each property.

So, whether you are buying or selling Real Estate, make sure that you ask your Realtor about the JRA's MLS.

I recommend that anyone wanting to invest in Jamaica Real Estate should consider the North Coast.

The North Coast has a steady flow of tourists and international buyers and sellers.

Therefore values don't fall and a steady demand is always there.

With the addition of new hotels and another International airport, the North coast is definitely the area with the best growth potential.

Meldam is located in the heart of the North coast's tourist area.

We can help you to buy or to sell.

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