Jamaican Winter in 1961

My memories of Jamaica go back to 1961 when as an 18 year old Cuban-born I arrived in Kingston with a couple of younger friends of my family.

We were being sent by our families out of Cuba because of the fear (which turn out to be reality) that Castro's communist revolution was to take over the private schools and indoctrinate the children.

Our parents stayed behind in Cuba but we were later reunited.

We were fortunate enough to stay at the Myrtle Bank Hotel on Harbour Street due to the fact that the then General Manager of the hotel was a friend of the family.

I will treasure my memories of the beautiful island and the people.

I vividly recall the political upheaval that the country was going through at the time.

I am now 68 years old, Jamaica is an independent nation, the Myrtle Bank Hotel is history.

I have travelled the world over ... but the grandeur of the Myrtle Bank Hotel with its night floor shows in the middle of the green garden will forever be in my memory bank.

Long live Jamaica!

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Your Jamaican Memories of Winter 1961
by: Chris

I don't think many of us from that era will forget the Myrtle Bank Hotel, and downtown Kingston as it was then.

We were getting ready for Independence in 1962 ... the Bustamante/Norman Manley era of our politics ... two politicians who worked hard for the welfare of Jamaica and her people, before personal gain.

Thanks for your contribution.

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