Jeffery Town Breadfruit Festival

by Chris
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Jeffery Town Breadfruit Festival

Jeffery Town Breadfruit Festival

The Jeffery Town Breadfruit Festival is held annually in the small farming community of Jeffery Town up in the hills of St Mary.

The 2012 Festival will be held on Sunday July 15th.

On a recent visit to Jeffery Town I had the pleasure of meeting Ivy Gordon, a remarkable lady, who spent the afternoon showing me around and introducing me to the community.

This small farming community has to be admired for it's enterprise. When their main crops were devastated by desease and weather in the early 90's, instead of sitting back and complaining, they decided to do something about it.

One of their many achievements is the hosting of this, their annual Breadfruit Festival.

This should be an extremely enjoyable event, if for no other reason than to see how many different products they produce from a breadfruit.

If you would like to go to the festival it is best to go from the Ocho Rios side.

Leave Ocho Rios on the bypass, heading towards Port Antonio, and keeping the sea on your left.

After about 2 miles you will reach a large Texaco station on your right. This is White river. Turn right here, and almost immediately take the second right turn.

Follow this windy and hilly road. When you go down a very steep hill, and then climb back to the top of the hill, you will see Lodge Post Office. Turn left here.

Follow the road over a narrow bridge and keep driving until you come to a Y junction. Turn sharp right, probably a 130 degree turn, and follow this road.

Keep to your left at Labyrinth Post office, make no turns and when you go over a hump back
bridge you will be near the end of your journey.

When you get to a U, bear to the right, and in about ½ mile you will be in Gayle Square.

Keep straight through the town, go over the hump back bridge and turn right.

The venue is 200 yards further on your right.

Enjoy the Festival, and come back here and tell us what you most enjoyed about it.

The Jeffery Town Breadfruit Festival is supported by the Trees That Feed Foundation

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Oct 17, 2013
Wish I was there!
by: Ms. Victoria

Those breadfruit hashbrowns look so good!
Frying up some soon.
We have a breadfruit festival here, too.
Aloha from Hawaii!

Jun 29, 2012
by: Don leffler

What a great initiative!!!!

Something to introduce into our small farming villages in South Africa.

A great opportunity for Visitors from other Towns to meet the local community.

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