Best Kept Secret in Jamaica

by Rory Marsh
(Meldam Realtors, Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

The Signature Burger from Mongoose Jamaica

The Signature Burger from Mongoose Jamaica

On Saturday the 19th of January, I was in a very unusual mood.

Having eaten food from every restaurant in Ocho Rios I was at a loss regarding where I should eat.

I did not feel for heavy Oxtail, nor fried chicken, and I certainly did not feel for fast food, especially since I was in no rush.

I was driving down Main Street Ocho Rios when to my surprise the new restaurant Mongoose Jamaica appeared to be open.

I immediately turned in and upon parking was very impressed with the layout of the location.

I was even more impressed when the beautiful hostess greeted me at the entrance. She seemed genuinely happy to see me.

My mood suddenly changed from somber to happy.

Then I was presented with a menu that answered all the questions. It had at least 5 things on it that I could imagine eating.

I eventually gave in to the signature Mongoose Burger.

It was toped with cheese, mushrooms, onions and bacon. But that's not all. When it eventually came not only did it look good, but the taste blew my mind.

I could not tell what it was, but I know there was a special Jamaican seasoning in the beef, and there was a juicy flavour dripping from the meat.

I wanted to lick every drop.

The flavour burst exploded inside my mouth with every bite. I ate the entire burger in no time. I did not put it down once, and I didn't even eat any of the french fries because they could not compare to the amazing taste of the burger.

The burger not only looks good but it actually tastes better than it looks.

I immediately asked for the owner and the chef and congratulated them on an amazing production.
This was not just a meal it was a production.
To get flavour and juiciness down to the middle of the burger is not an easy task.

What do I know about burgers?

I have helped to develop several top selling burgers in Jamaica. I introduced Kobe beef burgers to the restaurants in Kingston and I just happen to have won the very first Jack Daniels Grill off in Jamaica.

So I think I know my burger.

I told the owner of Mongoose Jamaica that I give his Mongoose Burger 5 stars and I rate it as the number one Jamaican Burger.

Rory Marsh.

P.S. If you ever want my advice on Real Estate (or burgers) please drop me a line at

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