Negril - No taxi past the Lighthouse!

by Marcia
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

That's the way it was back in the 70's!

Potholes large enough to swallow whole Ladas made the trip to the deep West End slow going if you could even get a taxi to take you.

No problem now that the road is paved.

Hi Marcia,

In the 50's, when I was a youngster, I seem to remember the Lighthouse as being the end of the road.

And there were very few houses or guest houses on Negril Beach, or on the West End.

The early development of Negril took place slowly.

Then the big hotels started coming in.

And it seems as though, since the mid 90's, the development of Negril has been allowed to accelerate and take place with little regard for the ecology of the Negril coastline, and no care as to the environmental impact of the new large hotels.

Now they want to spend US$ 25 million to restore the beaches and reefs.

Seems to me like when the Spanish finish pillaging Jamaica for the second time in our history, with the full approval of our various recent Governments, that potholes will be the least of our problems.


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