Six Love

by Charles Levy
(Near Ottawa, Canada)

Painting by Romanie

Painting by Romanie

C'mon now den, Cuffy,
Give de cyard a mix.
This a fi me seven stick ...
A who have double six?

Ihi, me coulda tell you
Cuffy woulda get de cyard:
When him a mix de domino
You have fi watch him hard!

Jus' play de cyard man, Cuffy;
Me nevah seh you tief -
All me seh is when you rub
Everytin' is grief!

Cool breeze, man, play you cyard nuh,
You gwine stay quarrell all day?
No cut you eye pon me man,
Pick up you cyard an' play.

Six four to you Mas' Henry,
We gwine fi bus' you close!
Nice play dere, my partner!
Him knock! Me have de pose!

Now I turn it fever ...
Drop in you double five!
You didn't play it, Henry?
No min' ... it still alive.

Oh, partner, dat is wickedness
To pass him once again.
But now me ha' fi ponder
An' try fi rack me brain.

Dis Henry ... him is dangerous
But him deh under mi han',
Tek dat! ... You mean you fin' a cyard?
You are a lucky man!

What you seh my partner?
How many cyard I hold?
T'ree stick is all me have lef',
An' every one is gold!

Oh backra play, my pardee,
Dat one lick dem to sea!
For when mas' Cuffy play, me bow! ...
An' what is more, is KEY!

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