by Don Leffler - CCTN-SA, Durban, South Africa
(In partnership with Jamaica's Countrystyle Community Tourism Network)

South Africa has a population of 50 million people and is as diverse as its people. We have 11 official languages including Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and English.

Our main cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban are modern and similar to many large cities elsewhere in the world.

There is also another side to South Africa - the beautiful rural areas which offer enormous opportunities for responsibly developing Rural and Community Tourism for economic growth and community development aimed at poverty alleviation.

Tourism Photo Journalist, Lisa Bradshaw, has captured the South African rural landscape in this glimpse into the "other" South Africa.

Acknowledgement to Lisa Bradshaw and Challenge-Activ.

Challenge-Activ is associated with the Tourism Centre of Excellence and THSBS (Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Business School).



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Dec 10, 2011
"Cullinan" in Tshwane Gauteng ... a historical little village
by: Nikki de Pina

I live in this historical little tourism village, where the the main attraction is the diamond mine.

The largest diamond in the world was found here.

Mostly what is so appealing is the creative, artistic, laid back and beautiful people.

The people living here are true story tellers and will share beautiful stories of "days gone by", which keeps the little village very close to their hearts.

We have found visionary kindred spirits across the Oceans in both Diana McIntyre-Pike of the CCTN in Jamaica and Loui D-Amore of the IIPT, who are true visionaries for a better world.

We proudly will work with all our passion to build this relationship and plant the seed from Jamaica in our South Africa soil.

Just as we will leave a seed in Jamaica to grow and prosper when we visit on our Jamaican Education tour in February 2012.

It will build a trusting relationship, with peace, love and light toward sustainable communities.

We have the faith, the courage and the tenacity - we need more bravehearts to take this step to explore, experience and learn and then to bring it home.

As a team Jamaica and South African have ploughed an open land that now need inspirational "farmers" to come and plant seeds with us.

Nothing is impossible if you only have faith - imagine the possibilities .............

Reaching the summit of a mountain is a difficult climb, but when you reach it, it is pure magic.

As the eagle soars so will the soul - when you know that what you have done will leave a legacy for those that will need it most.

Dec 06, 2011
Magic of South Africa
by: Bernadette Nickol

The magic of South Africa touches you.

I have been traveling extensively these last few months and missed South Africa.

Could not wait to get back to the smiling faces, the madness of the taxis and our rainbow nation.

We often drive to KZN and stop at the villages.

My friend and I had our nails painted and hair washed in a one roomed beauty salon in a village in the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

We made friends - exchanged cell numbers - the owner shared her lunch with us.

How can one forget a magical experience like this.

Please tour operators get out there into the rural areas and let the international and local tourists experience the real people!

Dec 06, 2011
Community Tourism in South Africa
by: Anonymous

Interesting that at a COP17 meeting in Durban yesterday a spokesperson from the National Department of Tourism emphasised that a focus would be given to strongly growing domestic tourism.

This will definitely draw increased visitors to rural areas and communities who develop Tourism attractions and events.

This approach has had success in Brazil and, of course, in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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