by Charles Levy
(Near Ottawa, Canada)

A two face dat Jamaica have,
So Bredda, nevah fret -
Whenever dem bad mout' de Rock,
Just mek dem no faget.

Is true dat Kingston well full up,
An' bhutto plentiful,
But most de people dem you find
Are really beautiful.

De country folk no change dat much;
De people on de street,
Still smile and say “Good marning”
To every one dem meet.

Look who an' what we gi' de world -
Bob Marley an' reggae;
George Headley, Marcus Garvey,
An' all dem Hero deh.

Our sprinters are world beaters, chile,
It gi' me heart a jolt
Fi know seh everyone on eart'
Know who is Usain Bolt!

One year our men and women both
Mek hist'ry when dem took
Every hundred and two hundred
Record in de book.

De world a different place me dear,
From what it used to be -
Jamaicans scatter everywhere
In countries oversea.

Jamaicans inna palitics
No matter where dem are:
England, U.S., Canada -
Dem sure fi shine like star.

But it no matter whey you go
We famous near and far.
To tell de trut' we lickle bit -
But bwoy! We talawah!

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