Tammy's Banana Fritters

by Tamika Willaims
(Camrose, Montego Bay, Jamaica)

My banana fritters are similar to the ones above but have no eggs or milk, and are excellent for persons looking to cut calories.

I use a tea spoon of vegetable oil in place of egg, and water in place of milk.

My dough is not runny, but it is too soft to be kneeded like a dumplin, and it is moist enough to be dropped into the pan with a large spoon.

They can be eaten for breakfast or as a desert, and when you cook these make sure you eat a few before putting them on the table, or else you may not get any.


One egg is somwehere between 55 and 90 calories depending on size.

One tablespoon of oil is about 100 calories.

One teaspoon of oil is 1/3rd of that ... about 33 calories.


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