The Best Places To Visit When You’re In Jamaica

by Alesha Wilson
Staff Writer at Rockwell Nutrition
(Wilmington, NC)

Jamaica is an island country and is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean.

Because of its location, it is blessed with many natural attractions. Aside from the vibrant culture, cool music and wonderful food, these natural attractions attract tourists to the country.

If you have plans to visit Jamaica here are some things to do.

Dun’s River Falls

Climbing your way up the Dunn’s River is a must do when you visit Jamaica.
The top of the falls is 600 feet above sea level and the climb up features rocks that are shaped into natural steps.
You can opt to climb these stone steps to the top of the falls, or you can just bathe in the pool basin at the bottom.
As a tip, don’t visit the falls in peak season.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club

This is located in Montego Bay where you can enjoy the highlights of staying in Jamaica, that is delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches and snorkelling.
There are many tourists who visit the area and you can have fun interacting with people from different cultures.
Aside from that, you can play beach football on the beach or just enjoy sunbathing.

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours

If you enjoy the countryside more than the beaches, then this is for you.
You can arrange for a bus to pick you up in your hotel and take you to the Blue Mountains, the highest point in Jamaica.
You will enjoy the view from up there, but you can enjoy even more when you rent a mountain bike and race through the Jamaican countryside. You’ll pass through rain forests, beautiful vegetations and enjoy the warm sun and spectacular Jamaican scenery.

Alesha Wilson

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