The Garbage Dump On Fire in Jamaica

by Phyllis Clare
(Delray Beach, Florida)

I heard on the TV that visitors to Jamaica will have a problem visiting certain parts of the island because of toxicity.

I am going on a cruise March 25th and want to know if there will be any problem touring the countryside.


Thanks for your question.

The garbage dump that is burning is near Kingston and by the end of March there should be no problem even in Kingston.

Your Cruise Company are unlikely to take you to any part of Jamaica if there is still a hazard in that area, so I would keep in touch with them.

To make sure nearer the time of your cruise you could contact the:

Consulate General of Jamaica
25 S.E. Second Ave, Suite 609.
Miami FL 33131

Email :

Phone 305-374-8431

Fax 305-577-4970

Their hours of opening are 9:00 AM - 12 Noon Monday to Friday.

Hope this helps you.


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