The South African Adventure in Jamaica

by Don Leffler
(Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

CCTNSA Team meets with Jamaica's Minister of Tourism

CCTNSA Team meets with Jamaica's Minister of Tourism

The CCTNSA study group of Tourism specialists has recently returned to South Africa after its visit to Jamaica.

We were warmly welcomed in Jamaica by the Jamaica Tourist Board and send accolades to the JTB for its very effective 'Meet the People' programme.

Huge thanks to the Jamaican CCTN Team and its Founder / President, Diana McIntyre-Pike, for arranging the Tour and working tirelessly to accommodate our requests to experience rural Jamaica and its people.

The Tour, for me, was about learning about people and sharing knowledge and experiences. This would not have been achieved at the same level if we had traveled to another destination.

Our visit to Jamaica during its 50th Independence Anniversary, Marcus Garvey's 125th Birthday and the ANC’s Centenary created a platform for interest in the Tour by Jamaicans who are clearly very passionate about their ties with Africa and, particularly, with South Africa.

This was most evident at the Marcus Garvey Fair in Resource Manchester where people’s emotions were obvious when introduced to the South African study group, our national anthem and our flag which includes the Jamaican flag colours.

We related to the people of Resource. We share the same challenges and thrive on similar opportunities. Resource is very like a typical rural village in South Africa. Challenges such as poverty, crime, a disenchanted youth and a general albeit well-meaning apathy are prevalent.

It was a particular privilege to be welcomed by the South African High Commissioner to the Caribbean, Her Excellency, Mathu Joyini.

Mrs. Joyini and the SA High Commission Office staff did everything possible – and more - to welcome us and to introduce us to the most influential people in Tourism and Community Development in Jamaica. Special thanks to Siphokazi Hermans, Peter and Shelly for their huge efforts and willing support.

The introductions and discussions with Jamaica’s most influential Tourism stakeholders was made possible by CCTN’s Founder and President, Diana McIntyre-Pike, and her Team. Huge thanks to Diana, Joan, Alison, Sharon, Theo, Paul, Clifton and so many others for their welcome and excellent arrangements made in advance of our arrival in Jamaica.

Thanks to the people of Jamaica - wherever we traveled we met amazing people who made every effort to welcome the CCTNSA Team and to make our visit memorable.

Peace and Love !!!

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