Travel to Jamaica

by Susan
(Eureka, CA)

We are planning a trip to Jamaica in the near future. What is the best time of the year to travel to Jamaica? And can you recommend some must see spots.



Susan, thanks for your question.

The peak tourist season in Jamaica runs from December to February, because the weather at this time is usually the best.

It is cooler ... usually in the 70's ... and there is usually much less rain than during the summer months.

November, March and April are usually pretty good as well.

Nobody can guarantee the weather, and occasionally during this period we get a "Norther" ... the rain comes down from the North ... and this can last for a few days, more or less non-stop.

From May onwards ... through the the summer months ... it tends to rain every day, but usually only for a couple of hours in the afternoon ... a good time for a siesta.

Hurricane season runs from July through October ... so the weather is more uncertain during this period.

Temperatures tend to be in the 80's to low 90's in the summer.

Of course, if you get up in the hills in the centre of the island it is cooler. And the North Coast tends to be slightly cooler than the South Coast.

Hope this helps.

As where to visit in Jamaica ... there is so much to see and do.

Have a look at "Attractions in Jamaica" ... over the next few months I will be adding lots more information on things to do and places to visit in Jamaica.

I will also add links to other websites which provide additional helpful information, not covered here.

Are you interested in Golf ... if so have a look at "Golf in Jamaica".

Let me know what area of Jamaica you are thinking of staying in ... and what your interests are ... and I will give you some more suggestions.

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