My 5 Best Travel Sites

Finding the best travel sites and guides to help you to compare different destinations can be hard amongst the many millions of sites on the web.
You want to find sites that bring destinations to life through the local knowledge and passion of the webmasters and creators of these sites, and not just sites that are only trying to sell you a variety of tourist products.

In building this website, and spending many hours daily browsing the internet, I have found some of the best travel sites that bring my favourite destinations to life, and stir up the urge to travel within me.
I hope that, like me, you enjoy browsing these sites, and maybe one day visiting some of the destinations as well.

My 5 Best Travel Sites

Isla de Vieques - a great site, one my favorite, and what a perfect and idyllic destination just off the coast of Puerto Rico. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable destinations to visit.

Inside Peru - If you've never been to Peru, well you've just got to see it to believe it! Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon Jungle ... plus hundreds of lesser-known but completely awesome sights. Let David and Lin show you around Peru.

RIta's Outback Guide - Rita's personal knowledge of, and experiences in, the Eastern Australian Outback provide real information for visitors, and she brings the Australian outback to life.

New Zealand - West Auckland Vacations - Beate introduces you to the outdoor life of, and the things to do in and around, Auckland City. This is the best preparation for a terrific New Zealand vacation. The city is the gateway to New Zealand - her beauty, business, culture, life style and people.

About Aruba-Sunsets - Honeymooners, Kimberly and Scott, fall in love with a small but fascinating Dutch island in the Caribbean. If they don't  tempt you to visit Aruba no one will.


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