Fishing in Jamaica

When you go fishing in Jamaica whether you choose to go deep sea fishing to try and get an elusive Blue Marlin, a Wahoo, a Dolphin or a Kingfish, or whether you choose a day out in a canoe with a local fisherman you are going to have a day that you will remember.

I stiil remember my sister and I, when we were kids, taking an ordinary pin, bending it into a hook, tying a piece of thread on to it, and going fishing in our local stream for river mullet using avocado pear as bait.

And we did catch quite a few.

You will never forget your fishing experiences, so while you are in Jamaica take the opportunity ... it will be a day to remember.

Deep Sea Fishing in Jamaica

If you opt for the real thing ... deep sea fishing for marlin, wahoo, bonito and other game fish ... there are several marinas around the island offering deep sea fishing and yatching ... most are available through your hotel in the main tourist areas.

And if you are a real serious fisherman you can plan your holiday around the Port Antonio Marlin Tournament which is held annually in the early autumn, and which is a qualifying event for the IGFA Offshore World Championships.

It is hosted by the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio.

Fishing With A Local Fisherman

You can choose to have a relaxing day fishing in the mangrove wetlands of Old Harbour Bay ... and maybe include a visit to Lime Key, a few miles offshore, for a quick swim ... and if you get real lucky a local fisherman may offer you some freshly roasted Conch.

At the end of the day you are likely to bring home a cold box full of snapper and various small fish ... ideal for a "fry up" ... and Oh!! The cold box usually goes out full of Red Stripe beer and soft drinks.

Anywhere around the coast of Jamaica ... Treasure Beach, Negril, or on the North Coast ... you will find local fishermen willing to take you out to the nearby reefs in their canoe, where you can dangle a line over the side while relaxing with an ice cold Red Stripe in the other hand.

Whatever you choose you will enjoy your day fishing in Jamaica, and you will have some "Good memories".

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