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There are no major hotels in Discovery Bay itself, but many can be found in nearby Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios to the east, or Rio Bueno to the west.

However, there are several luxury villas and beach cottages located along the coastline of Discovery Bay, which is often referred to as Jamaica's Riviera.

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Discovery Bay is roughly rectangular in shape, about a mile wide, and it is protected from the open sea by a reef.

Much discussion has taken place as to exactly where Christopher Columbus first landed in Jamaica, but Disvovery Bay seems to have won the popular vote.

Originally the Bay was given the name Puerto Seco, meaning Dry Harbour, by the Spanish.

The famous and very popular Puerto Seco Beach is still known by the Spanish name, but the mountains to the north of the Bay are known as the Dry Harbour mountains.

Port Rhoades, from which Kaiser Bauxite (now The St Ann Bauxite Company) have shipped bauxite for several decades, is to the western end of the Bay.

And at the extreme western tip of the Bay you can visit the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, founded in 1965. It is a part of the University of the West Indies, and is dedicated to research on, and teaching the biology and geology of coral reefs

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Villas and Cottages in Discovery Bay

Sea Haven
A luxury villa, fully serviced, with 4 fully air conditioned bedrooms all with en suite bathroom.

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