Montego Bay

St James, Jamaica

Having the largest International Airport in Jamaica, the city of Montego Bay (commonly called Mobay) is undoubdtedly the hub of Jamaica's tourist industry, and the vast majority of short term visitors enter Jamaica through the Sangster International Airport.

Recent years have seen the development of new resorts, a new business and convention centre, a casino, and a vast improvement in the city's infrastructure.

Every type of tourist is catered to, and there is a throbbing night life in Mobay.

Beach lovers have several fantastic beaches ... Doctors Cave Beach, Aquasol Beach and Theme Park, Walter Fletcher Beach.

All the major resort chains are represented in and around Montego Bay, and all the resorts have their own top quality beaches.

See Our Montego Bay Hotel Directory if you are looking for a place to stay.

There is an abundance and wide variety of restaurants. One worth mentioning is the Pelican Grill, because over many years it has maintained a tremendous standard in the quality of it's food, while it's prices have been kept very reasonable.

Mobay's Duty Free shopping is second to none.

Attractions and Tours
in Mobay

For those who want more than a beach and night life, a visit to the Rastafari Indigenous Village provides a fantastic and very interesting insight into Jamaica's Rastafari Community ... their way of life, their foods, their crafts, and their music.

Wherever you are staying, you will thoroughly enjoy fitting a visit to the Rastafari Indigenous Village into your trip.

2000 ft up in the hills above Mobay you will find the Ahhh ... Ras Nantango Gardens and Gallery, owned by Ian and Tamika Williams. Everything here is locally produced in the community of Camrose.

Ask in your hotel and you will find many other interesting Community, Countrystyle, or Farm tours that you can take in the Mobay area in order to sample and experience some of our culture and heritage.

From Montego Bay you will be able to arrange day tours to almost any part of Jamaica.

Myrtle Dwyer from Glamour Destination Management wiil be only too happy to help you arrange tours.

Car Rental in Mobay

If you need to rent a car in Mobay I have found Mr. William Dhana from Dhana Car Rental to be very helpful.

If calling from outside of Jamaica you can call:

  • U.S.A and Canada: 866 276 1884 [Toll Free]
  • United Kingdom: 020 7078 7479

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