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Negril has gone through many periods of popularity in its history. In days gone by it was a popular harbour for pirates, and whalers whose slaughter of whales reputedly gave Bloody Bay its name.

In the 1950's, 60's and even in the 70's Negril was still a relatively sleepy and deserted 7 mile stretch of beach and rock cliff, with a few small local hotels. Then in the 1970's Negril was re-discovered by hippies and flower people. And in the past two decades the number of Hotels and Resorts has mushroomed.

In 1976 when Negril Beach Village was built by the Jamaican Government (now Hedonism ll), this really began to put Negril on the map as a major tourist destination.

Since the late 1990's the major resort groups have each developed several all inclusive resorts stretching from Bloody Bay in the north, around Rutland Point, then south along Long Bay. Today there is a wide variety of accommodation in Negril for everyone - families, couples, and singles. The large all-inclusive Negril resorts are mostly towards the northern half of Long Bay (Sandy Bay), and in Bloody Bay.

The Issa Group have two resorts - Couples Swept Away, and Couples Negril.

The Sandals Group have four resorts  - two Sandals all inclusives, a Beaches for families, and Grand Pineapple Beaches Negril.

Superclubs have Hedonism ll at the north end of Long Bay, then Breezes Grand Resort & Spa.

RIU have their Negril All Inclusive for those with children, Riu Palace Tropical Bay, and Sunset at the Palms Resort on Bloody Bay.

The newest addition in early 2014, already earning rave reviews for the friendliness of its staff, is the Azul Sensatori. It is operated by Karisma Hotels and Resorts, and was formerly one of the Beaches Resorts.

The smaller local Negril hotels, beach side restaurants and food stalls are mostly on the southern half of Long bay, and on the "West End" of Negril, south of the Negril river.

On the cliffs, most have steps leading down to the sea - ideal for those who love the sun but don't like being covered in sand.

Hotels are listed in alphabetical order. Click on Blue links to get more information about that particular place. We do not endorse any particular hotels in Negril, or other places to stay.

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Negril All Inclusive Resorts

Azul Sensatori
Karisma Hotels and Resorts first hotel in Jamaica, opened in early 2014, for families, is a remodeled and renovated Beaches resort located on Sandy Bay.

Beaches Negril Resort and Spa
A family all inclusive at the top end of the market, part of the Sandals Group, located on Sandy Bay.

Breezes Grand Resort and Spa
An all inclusive for singles, couples or families, 16 years and older ... formerly the Grand Lido.

Couples Negril
A couples only all inclusive resort located on the more recently developed Bloody Bay.

Couples Swept Away
On the middle section of Negril's Sandy Bay, is another high quality couples only all inclusive resort.

Grand Pineapple Beach
A family all inclusive resort, and another member of the Sandals Group, located on Bloody Bay.

Hedonism II
Situated on the tip of Rutland Point, between Bloody Bay to the north and Sandy Bay to the South, with two private beaches. One nude. One not. At Hedonism II almost anything goes.

Riu Negril Club Hotel
A family all inclsive resort operated by the Spanish hotel chain Riu.

Riu Palace Tropical Bay
A family all inclusive operated by the Spanish hotel chain Riu, located on Bloody Bay at the northern end of Negril.

Sandals Negril
An exclusive, couples only, all inclusive resort situated on Sandy Bay in Negril.

Negril Hotels

Legends Hotel
On Negril's Long Bay, in a convenient location for nearby shops and entertainment.

Rockhouse Hotel
An award winning boutique hotel and restaurant, with thatched roof cottages, located on the cliffs in Negrils's west end. Ladders and stairs lead down to the sea for swimming and snorkeling.

Samsara Hotel
On the cliffs of Negril, with panoramic sea views, snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

Negril Guest Houses

Jackie's on the Reef
A small boutique wellness Guest House and spa in the West End of Negril.

Negril Villas and Beach Cottages

Crystal Waters Villas
Several villas, on the beach.

Sea grape resort Villas
Three villas on Negrils west end cliffs.

One villa on the beach, with three separate rooms.

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