Sugar Syrup

by One of Your Rum Punch Fans

In Jamaica Sugar Syrup, needed for many mixed drinks, can be bought cheaply in many flavors.

The most popular, found in almost every Jamaican home, are Strawberry and Cherry, often called Red Syrup.

"Belly Wash" ... a simple, and usually quite weak, limeade, is made with lime juice, Red Syrup and Water.

Some people in Jamaica also use Red Syrup to make Rum Punch, but most of us use the Clear Syrup for mixed drinks including Rum Punch.

I have seen Clear Syrup selling for over US$10 per litre in the US, or £9 per litre in the UK ... somewhat ridiculous prices when you can make it in 5 minutes at home.

A Quick Clear Sugar Syrup Recipe

It is so easy to make that you are better off making it in smallish batches as you need it.

  • Bring 1 cup of water to the boil in a saucepan

  • Add 2 cups of sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves

  • Pour into an empty Rum (or other) bottle and place the cap loosely on top of the bottle

  • Let cool and close cap


You can make flavored syrups very easily by adding different flavorings into the water, and simmering for a few minutes, before you add the sugar, but don't use powdered seasonings ...

  • Ginger Syrup - add a few slices of fresh ginger

  • Cinnamon Syrup - add a few cinnamon sticks

  • Vanilla Syrup - add a few vanilla pods

  • Pimento Syrup - add a couple dozen whole pimento berries

  • Mixed Spice Syrup - add any combination of whole spices you wish

  • Rum and Lime Syrup - add 1/2 cup of rum, juice (and peel if you wish) of two limes and an extra cup of sugar

If you have boiled off too much of the water and all the sugar won't dissolve, add a little extra boiling water from the kettle.

You can strain off the seasonings, or for a stronger flavor you can leave them to infuse in the syrup.

Comments for Sugar Syrup

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Usage for Syrup
by: Anonymous

I love the idea of the different syrups. How can you use them?

Use them anywhere you would use sugar - Coffee shops use them to sweeten and flavor coffee - Bars use them in mixed drinks.

Thanks for this Sugar Syrup Recipe
by: Chris

Hi My Rum Punch Fan,

Thanks for submitting your Sugar Syrup Recipe.

You beat me to it. Great information.


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