A Jamaican Rum Punch

Making a Rum Punch seems be a very macho thing ... the stronger you can make it, and the quicker your guests keel over, the better your recipe. I prefer to make a punch that you can drink all day and still stay standing.

Here is a classic 1-2-3-4  recipe, with a twist, that will have your friends and guests asking for more.

  • 1 measure of Sour - Lime.
  • 2 measures of sweet - Sugar Syrup.
  • 3 measures of Strong - the Rum of YOUR choice.
  • 4 measures of weak - usually means water.

Most people omit the 4 measures of weak., and just put ice as their weak. The result is a drink that is too sweet, too sour, too strong.

To me a drink should go down easily, be full of flavor, and have you asking for more.

My recipe follows the conventional 1-2-3-4 recipe, but it includes the "Weak". But the twist is in the "Weak".

This is a tried, proven and very much enjoyed recipe ... I have been making it for decades.

You can make this in whatever quantity you wish by just using different sized measures ... one measure can be 1 oz or 1 quart.

When I am having a party I always make a large batch, because I bottle whatever is left over and store it in a cool cupboard.

After a few months it turns into a clear golden rum colored liqueur, better than anything I have been able to buy and it just needs to be filtered to remove the cloudy sediment that settles at the bottom.


  • 1 measure freshly squeezed Lime Juice
  • 2 measures Sugar Syrup 
  • 3 measures Rum - most people use White Overproof Rum (macho again), but you can use any rum you wish - it is a matter of your personal taste. i use mostly Appleton Special or the equivalent
  • 4 measures of "Weak"

My Twist to the Classic Recipe

For some reason "Weak" is always interpreted to mean water, but if you use water your rum punch will be insipid. And if you use just ice as your "Weak", it will be too sweet, sour and strong, until all the ice melts, then it will be insipid.

Here are some of the "4 measures of Weak" that I have used over the years in order of preference.

´╗┐2 measures Red Stripe (or other) Beer + 2 measures of Cider
2 measures Red Stripe Beer + 1 measure Cider + 1 measure D&G Ginger Beer
2 measures Red Stripe Beer + 2 measures any fruit juice you like - apple, orange, pineapple, even mango or guava
2 measures Red Stripe Beer + 1 measure Cider + 1 measure any fruit juice

So mix up all your ingredients including 4 measures of any "Weak", as long as the "Weak has plenty of flavor. The beer and cider is a great combination ... worth trying.

Then get a tall glass, fill with ice, fill with Rum Punch, relax and if anybody wants you for any reason, just say "Soon come Mon".

Enjoy your Jamaican Rum Punch ... and "Give Thanks".

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