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by Rory Marsh
(Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

It is a natural unspoilt beauty, the air is fresh, the breeze is balmy, the land of wood and water. Situated in the north western hemisphere, 18° North 78° West lays the jewel of the Caribbean, Jamaica.

Boasting a rich history, a uniquely diverse culture, a country with an aim of making the island the place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families. Jamaica stands as the ideal destination for anyone who yearns for an environment where they can invest in commercial properties, compete in a growing yet stable economy or simply just desirous of living where others dream to vacation.

More specifically, Jamaica’s North Coast is most suitable for any type of real estate investment. It stands ready to welcome investors with new ideas and a constant vision for growth. Jamaica’s golden coast boasts a collection of properties that are categorized by reasonable prices, low taxes and a reputation of attracting foreign investments without restrictions.

The newly constructed Mount Rosser bypass is being described as one of the most significant engineering developments which serves as a progressive step in the construction of a modern highway that will link Kingston to Ocho Rios. The North South link is perceived to significantly reduce travel time and also boost investments on the north coast as visitors to the island will be given the opportunity of making routine visits into Kingston as part of their itinerary.

It is opportune time for you to invest on Jamaica’s North Coast as Jamaica’s real estate prices are up to 30% lower than other Caribbean islands. Our golden coast shows a genuine appreciation for nature as depicted through a variety of attractions. Imagine an ideal get a way set in the tropical isle of Jamaica with the privilege to meet new people and enjoy a day or a life set against the backdrop of Jamaica’s wanderlust North Coast.

From swimming with dolphins to fun and laughter while zip lining in the blissful hills of the north coast, it poses as the ideal location for any investor. On the north coast, businesses thrive as it is the perfect place for every type of investment. A depiction of this is demonstrated through the announcement of investors who seek to bring submarine adventures to Ocho Rios and also the experience of a ferry ride in February 2015. From Negril point to cool cool St. Mary, a warm welcoming spirit invites you to come own a small piece of nature’s most beautiful creation!

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